Trade Warrant House Thamm

Session Two
Too Much Dakka

With the desire to push back the ork raids on their newly acquired mining facilities, the explorers sent most of their Cadian infantry planet side. Having a barracks on Luna’s Fury, stocked with some of finest Imperial Guard is becoming one of the most prized assets of the explorers.

Several plans were made on how to ambush the ork raiding parties, eventually the fight was taken to the explorers as a Lt. Bergstrom reported contact in one of the mining tunnels. The explorers raced to the action only to see the lieutenant-the last of his patrol-die at the hands of an ork. A fierce fight broke out until ork reinforcements created a new passage to the tunnel. A partial cave-in separated the explorers from the orks, but a well-placed grenade thrown near an ork carrying his own explosives did a substantial amount of damage. The explorers were able to kill a fleeing warboss with a good mix of luck and skill.

The explorers than took the fight to the orks in a Leman Russ carrying 3 Imperial Fist scouts for support. When they came to a great fissure in the ground orks were waiting on both side of it to attack. This became the most dangerous fight the explorers were part of yet. Their tank was nearly destroyed by rockets and Bjorn Gudmund was saved from a second, surely deadly hit with an ork choppa thanks to the protection of the tank he was half out of.

With the help of the Imperial Fist the battle was eventually won. As damaging as the loss of a Warboss is to the orks, these battle only bought the explorers time. The tenacity of the ork race would not allow an easy victory.

After getting back to their ship and to Port Wander the explorers made purchases and refits to the Luna’s Fury. The explorers convinced the Imperial Fist to finish clearing out the remaining orks because of their threat to humanity.

The actions of the explorers removed the temporary -2 PF and added a +1 PF since the mines are now running unimpeded by orks. In order to gain more wealth from the mines the explorers will need to establish a refining facility and/or find less expensive ways to supply the mining facility. They are paying a premium for the supplies acquired through Port Wander.

Session One
Holes in space...

The Sword class frigate Luna’s Fury and her crew accomplished much in their first endeavors.

They took the charge of hunting down a raider in the area. Catching it in the act, the explorers attacked the raider as its prey ran off. A short and intense battle ensued that ended with the raider being destroyed in an intense explosion that tore a hole in the warp, with the explorer’s ship dangerously close.

The Luna’s Fury was nearly sucked into the hellish daemon infested realm and were it not for the piloting skill of the talented voidsman Mr. Rix, the crews fate would be terrifying beyond words.

After regrouping from the battle and marking the hole in the void with buoys, the crew set off to resolve a dispute on the ice planet Traxis 3. At the request of the facilities owners, the Fury was orbiting over the research station Czerka negotiating with a militant uprising of its security force wanting more gelt and a better working environment.

As long distance talks with the lead researcher were showing progress, he was unceremoniously shot by the true organizer of the revolt. Talks quickly degraded to a show of the orbital bombardment capabilities of a Sword-class vessel. After a close call with a barrage of fire, progress was again made in the form of deceit.

The demands of the leader were accepted and he was shuttled to the Luna’s Fury. As he was in route other shuttle craft were evacuating the researchers and important documents from the station. After much stalling the mutineer and his small cadre were sent out to the void as the room they were in was intentionally depressurized. Wired with a heart monitor his last heart beat was documented with the explosion of the facilities below.

With the research and research team safe the owners were satisfied with the outcome.

The last mission undertook was on planet Reese 4 for the IONEX corporation. The desert planet had a once successful mining operation that was becoming more and more overrun by orks. They asked the crew of Luna’s Fury to help and were counter offered with an proposal to buy the operation from them. The offer was eventually accepted.

The explorers ended their adventures with a +2 profit factor from destroying the raider and resolving uprising at the Czerka research station. This is offset by a -2 profit factor for funds being tied up in the purchase of the mining facilities. How the ork infestation resolves will dictate how profitable the purchase will ultimately be.


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